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Friday, February 22

remember me?

im back to update this bleergh ((blog)) *berhabuk* so today im gonna story about my birthday. 22 nd of february 2013. 0000 AM, i feel so excited to celebrate my birthday with my parents && friends.

i feel so special when my classmate nyanyikan lagu "Happy birthday" kuat kuat dekat dalam kelas and science lab, versi melayu, cina & india semua korang hantam jeh. and after nyanyi tu, class monitor kejam gila cakap "lah birthday ekyn ke....lupa nak bawa tepung" emergerdss

and thanks for the wishes, dear friends.

wow and wow, my birthday tahun ni without tepung and telur, sebab dah bagi amaran awal awal "ingat, aku nak cake, bukan korang buat aku jadi acuan cake" hewhew

and mom && dad, remember my special present from Thailand okay?! Happy 16th Anniversary, love you